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Gary was very helpful to me today. I found him to be very courteous and extremely knowlegable in regards to his business. He answered all questions, with patience, that I ask and was of the utmost respectful to me as a person. I do not expect any problems with this service to rise.
- Shirley Sparks

“Allen did a very good job in helping me fix the issues on my computers.
Thank you”
- Mary Torgerson

They really helped us.. If it wouldn’t of been for them, we wouldn’t of been able to play.. Thank you so very much..
- Donna Rose

Excellent service and excellent technician. Very patient and did a great job for me. jack did a great job.
- Sharon Hill

Benny was a very courteous and helpful tech. I appreciated all of his knowledge to fix my problems.
- Judy Zubert

I believe that Gary is the best tech around.He talked me down from my hysteria, calmly asked me to dry my tears, and walked me through every stage of fixing the matter. He was patient, kind, understanding and did not mind answering what must have been very simplistic questions. You should keep him and give him a raise!
- Teresa A. Booker

Gary was very helpful and thorough in helping me.He reassured me things were going to be OK, and all things appear to be OK. He called me back immediately upon disconnect and when issues with the connection with the phone. He seemed very knowledgeable.
- Trish Baumhover

Your representative ANI was terrific. Very patient, very knowledgeable and vey thorough. You are lucky to have him!!
-Joe Serratelli

Jack did a Fantastic job of fixing my issue. Give him a raise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Dennis

I found Logan to be wonderful…he is extremely knowledgeable, polite, and very patient….did a great job
- Susan B

This is the second issue I have had on my computer and once again the professsionals at Crestbell namely Jack and Vinny were able to repair the problem. They are the best. I would recommend their sevices to anyone with a computer.
- Frank J. Malara

Paul was very helpful and took the time that was needed to get the issues fixed for me.
- Mike Thompson

I Was satisfied with the Service
- Katherine behounek

Thank you for fixing my internet problem!
- Rikki Williams

I want to thank you for your patience, and hard work re: my computer and wireless problems. Every thing seems to be working fine. Great job!
- Jacqueline Latta

Thank you for your swift follow-up. Current issue has been resolved thanks to Logan.
- Charlotte Huffman

My issues were fixed. Tech. very helpful
-Victoria Aragon

Steve assisted me this day with a router issue I had. He was extremely patient as I am a remedial client who is inept in her use of the computer. I had just about lost my temper except for his beautiful and kind disposition. He was competent and efficient solving my issue with little problem. Thank you for employing such individuals who are an asset to your organization. My gratitude to Steve in helping me!
- Cheryl A. Reed

Logan was very helpful and even helped with my Sprint Airave problem.
- Carol Arnold

Service was was greatly appreciated, Thank you so very much
-deantonio lockwood

Paul you did an outstanding job in helping me with my problems. Keep up the good work for others. God Bless.
- William E. Turner

I am very pleased to have spoken with your technician, Jack, who helped me patiently and enthusiasticly. I now have access to secured wireless connection when Comcast could not do it at all.
- jstreet

the service i received was very wonderful. i will recommend this company to friends.
- Victoria Alley

Very satisfied with service performed.
- Murray Farash

I am pleased with the technical support provided today.
- Michael Angelo

Allen was very priofessional and helpful in solving the problems I had. Thank you
-Kaye Greenawalt

thank you for your experienced techs in fixing my computers.
- gloria a carey